What I Offer

Freelance Writer

Are you looking for a fresh new voice to bring more readers to your website, blog, or newsletter?

As a freelance writer, I enjoy writing about multiple topics that can bring different perspectives to the table. My writing style serves to inform, share, guide, and bring valued resources to your audience.

I specialize in:

  • Retail Business
  • Customer Experience
  • Retail Technology
  • Employee Training

I enjoy writing about:

  • Diversity & Inclusion pieces
  • Short stories – fiction
  • Poetry


Many people think proofreading and copyediting are one in the same. But a proofreader is not a copyeditor. Proofreading normally takes place after a copyedit has been completed and, at times, is the last process before the document goes into production. The proofreader checks for issues such as wordiness, misspelled words, punctuation issues, or missing page numbers. If there are too many mistakes, the document will need to be returned for further editing.

I proofread articles, blog posts, newsletters, and short stories. Each word will be thoroughly checked, and I will utilize Track Changes for any comments, adjustments, or recommendations I may have for your document.


Rates for proofreading start at $0.02 per word.